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  • Have you ever wanted to try the time-honoured process of etching? Come and learn all about the five-hundred-year history of this fine printmaking craft, and explore how to use metal plates to print images onto paper on this short, 6 week course with us at The Manchester College.

    Using the facilities at our Northenden campus, you’ll learn how etching was developed in Renaissance Europe and discover your own artistic skill as you try your hand at this unique process. You’ll begin with the preparation of steel plates, and then etch your own designs into them using nitric acid. As the grooves are filled with ink to be printed onto dampened paper, you’ll practice four different processes to transfer the design: hard ground technique, soft ground technique, litho crayon and aquatint.

    Throughout the course, you’ll be developing your own artistic style, and learning how and when to use different etching techniques. You’ll also get to handle a collection of 19th and 20th century etchings, identifying artists by their work and comparing them with plates and prints created by full-time art and design students.

  • You don’t need to have any previous qualifications or printmaking experience to enrol on this short course, but should ideally have some practical skills and knowledge of art & design.

  • There is no formal assessment for this course, but you’ll receive informal feedback on your work from both your tutor and your fellow students, helping you to develop your skills further. You may have the opportunity to showcase your printed work in a small exhibition.

  • This short printmaking course will give you a great introduction to etching, and everything you learn will benefit what you go on to do in art and design. You’ll even begin to develop a wide understanding of the history of reprographics.

    As you continue your studies and build your experience, you’ll open up doors to a range of careers in the art and design industry. You could use this course as starting point for a job as an artist, printmaker or designer.
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  • The current fees for this course are £120. All materials are included in this cost and will be supplied by The Manchester College.

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  • Do you want to ask us about something specifically on this course, or find out more about the possible career opportunities this qualification can help you get?

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