About the show…
“Most families aren’t all in the public eye as we are. It works as a blessing. It works in our favour.”

You are reading about a show. Right from the very beginning, from the first or second line even, the description that you’re reading - which is the marketing copy put out by the theatre - seems almost overbearingly precious and knowing and pleased with itself.
Or maybe less pleased with itself than eager to please, eager to be admired, to be thought of as smart, droll, whatever. The show is called Khloé Kardashian, which is surely ironic, but then who even knows anymore. Khloé isn’t even... the main Kardashian. The further on you read the clearer it’s becoming that you’re not in fact going to learn anything particularly illuminating about the actual show, but that hardly matters - you probably already know by now whether or not you want to see the thing. You can feel yourself starting to glaze over. The light is draining gently out of your eyes and out of the sky and out of everything. There will come a time when everybody will know why, for what purpose, there is all this suffering, and there will be no more mysteries. 

But now, we must live. Beneath you the earth spins on around and around like a massive GIF so huge it’s only visible from space.

A Sleepwalk Collective production with the participation of Theatre and Performance

Waterside Theatre
12th + 13th October 2pm + 7pm


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