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Our C# Intermediate qualification is ideal for anyone that has completed an introductory C# qualification and would like to take their programming skills to the next level.
You'll learn more about subjects such as Interfaces, Namespaces, Advanced Decision Statements, Reflection, Collections, Indexers, Generics, Lambda Expressions, Types, Linq, Design Patterns, Events, Asynchronous Programming and Multi-threading.

Once completed, you'll be prepared to progress on to study more advanced Microsoft C# qualifications.

There are no formal requirements for this course, however, you are required to have completed an introductory C# qualification or have suitable experience using C#.
You'll also require access to a computer and a camera suitable for online learning and a suitable spec to undertake lab work related to programming. You'll be required to download Visual Studio Community Edition and Microsoft Teams – both are free to download and it is advised that they are installed and tested prior to commencing the course.

Applicants will be assessed using a range of online and in class exercises and homework

Upon successful completion of this qualification, learners will be able to progress to Advanced C# courses and Microsoft certified qualifications.

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The cost for this course is £200.
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