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  • Covering Common Rail control systems for modern commercial vehicle applications, this two-day course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about the main operating principles of the fuel supply circuit and the features of an engine management system.

    You’ll learn about high pressure generation and the electronic control of system components and take a closer look at component functionality, alongside the electronic serial information that’s available for control systems.

    We’ll help you explore several different types of high pressure fuel systems from lots of different manufacturers, including Bosch, Delphi and Cummins and we’ll also examine the diagnostic features of engine management systems, the information provided by the ECU, and the test functions that are available for system evaluation. This will all help you understand the system in its entirety.

  • You’ll need to have a general familiarity with the fuel systems of commercial vehicles, or coaches and buses, in order to understand the principles of this course.

  • The two-day course will be split into both theory work and practical sessions. There is generally a 50% split down the middle.

  • With this Level 3 qualification you could choose to develop your skills and expand your abilities even further by continuing your journey at The Manchester College. You could enrol on the irtec Advanced Technician course, or study to become an Advanced Master Technician.

    All the skills you learn on this course will help you to achieve success in your chosen career. In the automotive industry, there are a number of different jobs and career paths that you can take.

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  • The cost of this short course is currently £180.00.

    Depending on your circumstances, there may be opportunities for a reduction in your course fees or funding options to help you pay. Our dedicated finance page explains all the different types of funding available, from bursaries and benefit support, to grants and loans.

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