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Level 6 Diploma
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Business and Professional
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Shena Simon Campus
(Evening Only - 2 years)

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The SQA/CLC Level 6 Diploma is aimed at those learners who plan to become Registered Conveyancing Technicians in England and Wales.

Students will learn the theoretical and technical knowledge for this occupational area, which is required to be eligable to become a Licensed Conveyancer. During the course, students will study the following three modules:
• Landlord and Tenant
• Conveyancing Law and Practice
• Managing Client and Office Accounts (Conveyancing).

Whilst experience of working in the legal sector is not essential, many applicants are already employed in this field.

All modules are assessed through the completion of examinations at the end of the module.

After successful completion of our SQA/CLC Level 6 Diploma students become eligible to apply for a licence to practise as a CLC Licensed Conveyancing Practitioner (assuming the designated amount of professional practice has been acquired).

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