Course Details

  • The course is a journey of experimentation, testing and reflection to help students decide on their chosen creative specialism. Areas that will be explored include photography, graphics, animation, motion graphics and games design. As well as transferable skills such as ideas generation, teamwork, reflective practice and contextual research.

    This follows the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice (2020 specification)

  • To simplify the qualification, it has been designed around six fundamental skills areas which connect the objectives, teaching content and assessment criteria:

    • one major project
    •six assessment objectives
    • six areas of teaching content
    • six assessment criteria:

    Self-directed practice Skills for applying professional behaviours within creative practice.
    Communication Skills for communicating intentions through work with consideration for the audience.
    Realisation Skills for realising work using media, materials, techniques and processes.
    Evaluation Skills for using review of processes and practice to inform creative choices.
    Experimentation Skills for engaging in processes of experimentation with concepts, media, materials and techniques.
    Investigation Skills for using investigation processes that are applied through practical and theoretical approaches.