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  • History is all around us, wherever we look. It’s a part of who we are as individuals, as a nation, and as a world. By studying the past and the experiences we’ve been through, we can build our knowledge and understanding of the future, which is why this A-Level course is perfect for anyone who is fascinated by both history and the world we live in today!

    Taking an extremely flexible and wide-ranging approach to the subject, you’ll begin with a look at the late Tudor period, focusing on rebellion, unrest and stability during the time of Elizabeth I. Next, you’ll explore the Weimar Republic in Germany, and how this led to the establishment of a Nazi dictatorship, before democracy rose again after WWII. Finally, you’ll take an in-depth look at Civil Rights in the USA, learning how African Americans, labour unions, Native Americans and women all fought hard for their freedom.

    In your second year, you’ll even get to complete an independent piece of coursework on a historical topic that really interests you! With this research and throughout the rest of the course, you’ll be looking at how society both changes and stays the same, as well as developing the skills you’ll need to study at university and help you achieve a successful career.

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    Work Experience is a vital part of the course and you will be supported in finding a work placement relevant to your study.

  • Each unit you study will be assessed via an external exam, and you’ll also complete a piece of coursework that will form 20% of your final grade.

  • This A-Level course will give you the qualifications needed to go on to study a wide range of BA (Hons) degrees in a subject of your choice, either on it’s own or with other subject areas like Journalism, Politics, Philosophy, Law and Languages. You could focus on an area of history that you’re passionate about too, such as British or American History, Ancient or Medieval.

    Careers for History graduates are equally wide-ranging. You could work in the media industry or law sector, in politics or in the civil service. You may take up a job in the prison service or start a position in a larger international business - the diversity of roles open to you is incredible!

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