Course Details

  • Hot stone massage uses polished heated stones to enhance massage and to relax and soothe the client through deeper manipulation than regular massage; cold stones help reduce inflammation and detoxify the body. In this course students will learn how to best perform a hot and cold stone massage in a safe, appropriate and hygienic manner to provide an effective treatment.

    Students will learn how to perform treatment to benefit client satisfaction, including the appropriate consultation process and any contradictions to the treatment.

    This day long course is running Fri 7th Dec and 23rd March - 1 Day 10-4pm

    Students are required to adhere to a dress code of a salon uniform or plain black trousers, a black top and fully closed shoe.

  • Students must have completed Anatomy and Physiology and Body Massage before undertaking this course.

  • You’ll be assessed on the completion of the course through practical assessment.