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  • Are you interested in a career in the creative media industries, but still want to explore the wide range of options of available?

    The aim of this four-week, part-time, evening course is to introduce you to the operation of the camera so you will be able to approach your own projects with more confidence and creativity.
    Starting on 22nd May, you will begin with an introduction to the camera setup, get up and running with exposure controls in the FS7 and an introduction to audio recordings. You will then move on to record option codecs, digital image transfer and shooting slow motion with the FS7.

  • You will need professional camera experience to start this course, with a burning desire to move forward with the FS7 in your work.

  • The course will be informally assessed throughout to ensure you understand the techniques that are being taught. There will be no formal graded assignments.

  • Once you’ve completed this course, you may want to undertake a more specific photography courses such as An Introduction to Time Lapse Techniques to develop your skills even further.

    You can then continue to enhance your knowledge to a higher level, developing your abilities and expertise to secure your dream job in the industry.

    There are a huge number of roles to follow, with career opportunities in the media sector that range from editors and producers to designers and artists. Look at potential careers here !

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  • This will cost £200 for the entire course

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  • Do you have a burning question about this course, or would you like to know more about the qualification you’ll receive and how it will help your career?

    Our course enquiries team is on hand to help you understand any details and answer any questions – whether it’s about applying for the course or finding out about finance. Just get in touch here!

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