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  • If you work with fuel systems in commercial vehicles or buses and coaches, this course provides a helpful overview of selective catalytic reduction systems, the legislation behind their introduction, and how to identify and rectify faults associated with them.

    On this one-day course you’ll get an overview of why SCR systems were introduced to meet emissions control limits, before we help you understand exactly what the reduction process is and how the individual system components function.

    You’ll also learn about the system variants employed by various manufactures such as Denoxtronic 1 & 2 and Cummins MSCR system, as well as looking at the diagnostic features and test functions available. We’ll cover AdBlue testing and the relevant component areas too.

  • There are no formal entry requirements or qualifications needed to take this course, but we do recommend you have a good familiarity with commercial vehicle fuel systems.

  • The course is split into 50% theory based work and 50% practical sessions.

  • This qualification will give you an extra level of knowledge when it comes to working with large commercial vehicles and will help you to develop your career further.

    You’ll also be able to advance your skills here at The Manchester College if you wish, with a qualification as an irtec Technician, or a course in Advanced Automotive Studies. These will both open up even more career opportunities in the industry.

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  • The cost of this course is currently £90.00.

    Depending on your circumstances, there may be opportunities for a reduction in your course fees or funding options to help you pay. Our dedicated finance page explains all the different types of funding available, from bursaries and benefit support, to grants and loans.

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