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  • Society is all around us. It’s what we live and breathe every day, so why do some people view it so differently from others? That’s what this A-Level Sociology course aims to find out. If you’ve ever watched or read the news and questioned why someone does what they do, then you’ll love this course.

    We’ll explore what a society is, and find out why it works, or even, if it does actually work! You might agree with those who think it doesn’t work effectively. You’ll learn about all the different ways of looking at the world, including functionalism, Marxism, feminism and postmodernism, and delve into how these affect complex issues like gender, class, ethnicity and age.

    As you look at different kinds of sociological research and studies, you’ll attempt to answer questions like why some people push into the queue and others don’t, why those who have been to private schools tend to rule our society, and why some people become criminals and even terrorists. If you enjoy current affairs and like to debate and question the way things are, you’ll be fascinated by topics in this course such as religious sects, family diversity, domestic violence and deviant attitudes.

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    Work Experience is a vital part of the course and you will be supported in finding a work placement relevant to your study.

  • Assessments for this A-Level course are based completely on the exams that you’ll sit at the end of the year. These will include writing essays and answering short questions.

  • This Sociology A-Level will open up a number of paths for you to take your future career, with the logical next steps to study a related degree at The Manchester College or another university.

    You may want to focus on a BSc (Hons) in Health Care Studies, or go down the route of a BA (Hons) in Criminology. Wherever your passions lie, the choice is yours, and you’ll find a number of career opportunities relating to sociology in each field or sector. These range from work as a teacher, police office or social worker, to jobs in politics, journalism and nursing!

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  • A-Level courses like this one are completely free for anyone aged 16-18 and progressing from school.

    If you don’t fall into this category, there may be tuition fees to pay. But don’t worry, there is plenty of financial support available to help you afford college. We’ve put together all the different funding opportunities that you might be eligible for, ranging from grants and bursaries to dedicated loans for education.

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