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Travel, Tourism & Aviation
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The Travel and Tourism industry offers a vibrant and diverse array of career opportunities for individuals passionate about exploration, cultural exchange, and customer service. This Level 1 course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the foundational aspects of travel and tourism, providing you with essential knowledge and insights into this dynamic field. By exploring key concepts, industry practices, and career prospects, you will gain a deeper understanding of the exciting world of travel and tourism.

Your course will cover:
• The fundamental principles of travel and tourism.
• Popular tourist destinations and attractions.
• Exploring the various sectors and components of the travel and tourism industry.
• Discover career opportunities within the travel and tourism sector.
• Develop essential skills and knowledge that can be applied to roles within the industry.

The Introduction to Travel and Tourism Level 1 course equips you with a solid foundation in one of the world's most dynamic industries. By understanding the fundamental principles of travel and tourism, exploring popular destinations and attractions, and learning about career opportunities within the sector, you will be well-prepared to pursue further education or training and embark on a fulfilling career journey in travel and tourism.

No formal entry requirements

Assignment work throughout the year

Upon successful completion of this qualification, learners could progress to a job within the travel industry.

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Travel, Tourism & Aviation

The travel and tourism industry is absolutely huge and incredibly varied – in Manchester alone, tourism is worth around £7 billion to the local economy!

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