Course Details

  • This course is aimed at union representatives who have already completed the TUC Union Representatives Stage 1 course and is designed to provide an understanding of employment law from a trade union workplace approach.

    You’ll focus principally on developing your knowledge of employment law and the confidence to use it in order to improve workplace bargaining. During a number of engaging units, you’ll explore, question and use employment law in a range of scenarios. You’ll develop research skills to see how legal provisions impact upon workplace rights, and plan what needs to be done in relation to your union and workplace situation.

    Although this Level 2 Certificate in Employment Law is not aimed at legal professionals or the finer points of technical interpretation of the law, you’ll still be reviewing changes and challenges to workplace rights and working together to plan collective action.

  • In order to be eligible for this course, you’ll need to have completed the TUC Union Representatives Stage 1.

  • During this Level 2 Certificate course, you’ll be assessed by assignments, classroom and workplace-based activities.