Course Details

  • • State the duties of employers and employees according to the health and safety at
    Work act and basic safety requirements of Oxy-acetylene welding
    • Identify common welding hazards – fumes, burns, and hot metal, welding in confined
    • Identify particular hazards associated with welding –combustible gases and gas mixtures, backfires and flashbacks
    • Identify and state the functions of MIG/MAG welding components
    • Identify welding consumables
    • Identify and select welding parameters
    1. Instructions, warnings and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    2. Disconnecting all the batteries in the vehicle
    3. Follow the OEM’s specific procedures
    4. Removing any interior components
    5. Welding screens
    6. Weld blankets, self-adhering weld/spark paper
    7. Welding machine positioning
    8. Earth return lead positioning
    9. cleaning the weld area
    10. dangers of not following health and safety procedures

  • No formal qualifications just determination and willingness to take part

  • Workshop practical tasks throughout the academic year.
    Ten written assessments comprising of the following subjects:
    Environmental, copper pipe, plastic pipe, low carbon steel pipe, structure of the construction industry, site preparation, drainage, routine maintenance & scientific principles.