Further Maths Support Programme helps Nathalie realise her next step

Nathalie Lovgren is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Maths and Physics at the University of Manchester.

We managed to catch up with her about her amazing journey and time at College when she popped back to see her tutor.

‘I really enjoyed studying at The Manchester College’, she said, ‘I chose to come to the College as it’s quite central and the maths department staff were really good at the open day. I’ve always liked doing Maths and Physics, but Further Maths was my favourite part as it included complex numbers and was more complicated. We went into more depth and studied a wider range of subjects so I could see how to apply the maths in the work I was doing.’

'I’ve always liked doing Maths and Physics, but Further Maths was my favourite part.'

‘I got the opportunity to take part in the Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP), a partnership between The Manchester College and University of Manchester. The enrichment events they ran were really informative and I got to explore different areas of maths. It really helped my understanding of maths and problem solving. I found the physics day, problem solving day and maths workshops most useful. They were based at the University of Manchester so I also got to see what it would be like to study there. That really helped me to make decisions about what I wanted to do next.’

‘I’m now studying for my MMath&Phys in Maths and Physics at University of Manchester. I chose to go there as the course combined maths and physics which was what I really wanted to do. The Physics department is really good too – we’ve got Brian Cox there! When I finish my course I’m thinking of going on to do a PhD.‘

Nathalie Lovgren

Further Maths