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Communication between college and parent/carers is vital in order to monitor and support the progress of your child. Below you’ll find all the different ways in which we might get in touch with you to keep you up-to-date. You can also explore the different policies and safeguarding procedures we put in place to ensure your son/daughter will have the best possible experience at The Manchester College. 


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  • Excellent attendance and punctuality are key employability skills. Employers need employees who turn up and turn up on time. In addition time away from college can impact on level of achievement.

    Missing one day a fortnight adds up to missing the equivalent of over 3 weeks of missed college.

    Expected attendance and punctuality at the Manchester College is 100%.  Students who attend classes on time are more likely to achieve their qualifications and be successful in progressing to employment or further study.  In addition, since employers place great importance on punctuality and attendance, a good track record will be considered favourably and will be reflected in references for employment and further or higher education.

    If your son/daughter is going to be late or absent due to illness, you must report this via the attendance email or telephone contact displayed below.  This message will be relayed to tutors and registers will be marked accordingly. 

  • The contact we have with parent/carers is very important and can be:

    • By Phone, email or text
    • Through the online ProPortal for parents/carers – personal log-in required
    • At parent/carers evenings or other planned events
    • Meetings bringing together the student, parents/carers, teaching and support staff
    • Through progress review/reports


  • When your son/daughter joins The Manchester College they will enrol on a Study Programme – a flexible and individual programme that meets their needs and those of their future employers.  
    The study programme will include:

    • Chosen course/s e.g. a BTEC, vocational course or A-levels
    • 1-1 and Group Tutorials
    • English & Maths (depending on prior qualifications)
    • Directed and Independent self-study
    • Development of employability skills
    • Enrichment programme of events and activities
    • Volunteering

    All students will have a named Personal Tutor or Achievement Tutor recorded on the Learner Information Portal (LIP). They are responsible for the delivery of the tutorial curriculum and for ensuring your son/daughter receives appropriate support. They will have access to a high quality tutorial curriculum that reflects local need and college priorities. Your son/daughter will have at least one target setting and four 1-to-1 reviews across their programme of study with the conversation and outcomes recorded on the LIP.  Where necessary, your son/daughter may have further 1-to-1 meetings if additional support or monitoring of behaviour, e.g. attendance, is required.


  • All FE providers have a duty to safeguard their students.  As a college we are committed to safeguarding all our students and will ensure support services are available when our students need them. We will always act in the best interests of our students to keep them safe and to support them to make positive personal choices.

    As a college we have specific ‘Prevent’ duties which are in place to safeguard our students and to keep them both safe and within the law. The Prevent Duty is not about preventing students from having political and religious views and concerns but about supporting them to explore their concerns and to learn more about what is important to them in a safe and supportive environment.

    We ask all our students and staff to wear ID badges at all times when on any of the college campus sites.  Anyone not wearing ID will be challenged and this is for their own safety and the safety of others.

    Our students are all required to follow the college’s Student Information and Communication Technology Acceptable Use Policy when using and accessing college technology and the Internet. 

  • At The Manchester College we promote British Values and this is so that we can encourage students spiritual, moral, social and cultural developments. The British Values embedded into the college are:

    • Democracy (having your say, taking the opportunity to give feedback, take the opportunity to be a study programme rep or a member of the Student Council)
    • The Rule of Law (understanding and  following our shared rules and expectations for the benefit of all members of the college community)
    • Individual Liberty (be the person you want to be while respecting  the right of others to be themselves; understanding we do not all share the same beliefs  or opinions, to listen, debate and learn from each other)
    • Mutual Respect and Tolerance (including of those with different faiths and for those within faith)

  • Students are expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner whilst at college. This ensures all students feel safe and can learn in a supportive, respectful environment which is preparing everyone for future employment or further study.


    For students who require additional support, the student’s Achievement/Personal Tutor, Tutor or one of the college support team may work with students to develop a Green, Amber or Red Support Action Plan. These Action Plans are in place to support students to achieve their potential at college. The Support Action Plans are supportive and does not mean that behaviour is below expected levels.

    Disciplinary Action

    Depending on the situation in relation to behaviour, the college Behaviour, Support and Disciplinary Policy is in place to respond when a student’s behaviour does not meet expected standards. This includes any incidents of bullying or harassment and is also used if a student’s attendance or punctuality falls below expected levels.

    Based on a student’s behaviour, a Green, Amber or Red Behaviour Contract may be agreed with the student. Where necessary parents/carers may be required to be involved in the meetings.

    Students may move through each of the above support/disciplinary stages or be moved directly onto the appropriate stage for the behaviour that needs to be addressed.

    At each stage, if behaviour improves, students can be taken out of the process to reflect their improvement or moved back to Amber or Green. If the same behaviours are repeated, a student may go back into the procedure at the necessary level.

    It is important to be aware that if the Red Stage contract and Action Plan do not lead to improved behaviour that this could result in a final written warning and could seriously jeopardise their successful achievement and future progression.

    For very serious behaviours that do not meet the college standards, it may be necessary to move directly to Red Stage and complete an investigation to determine what action is required which may include temporary exclusion or possible permanent exclusion from college.

  • Our Term Dates page has all the latest information on term dates for classroom-based programmes in the college, including half terms and bank holidays.

    Supporting Our Students

    The Manchester College is committed to ensuring all our students receive the support they may need to achieve and enjoy college. We do this in a number of different ways.