Jordan Holland

L3 UAL Extended Diploma in Games Development

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From gamer to games developer

After gaining his Diploma in Games Development, with The Manchester College, Jordan has moved on to a BA (Hons) in Games Art at the University of Huddersfield. Jordan said:

Games have always been a part of my life, whether playing them when I got home from school, or thinking of ideas for games when I was at school. Choosing a games development course was natural to me, since I'd be able to see how games were made and I'd be getting to see my own ideas come to life, which was really exciting to me.

This course gave me a lot of opportunities over the two years. It gave me the knowledge and experience in software that is used both in games and other creative media, which I can now use as I continue to study at university. The course also allowed me to develop my artistic and technical skills which are used within creative media.

Through the course at the college, Jordan was able to meet with people within the games industry. Jordan added:

The course covered everything I could think would go into making a game. It is taught by tutors who actively guide and develop you not only as a designer, but an individual too. Indeed, my classmates also had a positive impact on my work, as we'd normally bounce ideas off each other until they worked. I think anyone studying the course should stick at it for both years – it’s possible you'll end up like a little family in the classroom.

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