Childhood Studies

Children naturally form the centre of all careers in this sector, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a diverse range of roles to choose from. You could decide upon working in a school or nursery environment, or set up your own personal business as a childminder or nanny!

You could be influencing the development of young people in a number of different ways, helping them to learn through play at a young age as a nursery nurse, or teaching them essential life skills as a primary school teacher. Rewarding, well-paid career opportunities are open in every position.

Top Career Opportunities

Top Job (By Salary) Average Salary
Primary and nursery education teaching professionals £32,300
Child and early years officers £25,800
Childminders and related occupations £16,800
Teaching assistants £14,700
Nursery nurses and assistants £14,000
Educational support assistant £13,700
Playworkers £5,400

Job Figures

There are predicted to be 311 new jobs with an estimated 24,631 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for Childcare related occupations is £17,529 per year.

Childhood Studies

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