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With higher than average salaries and the chance to be both technical and creative, jobs in the computing & IT industry are much sought after. In Greater Manchester alone, there will be around 22,000 jobs in this sector by 2022, with over 3,000 new positions by the end of the decade, as businesses of all types rely on the expertise of graduates in this field.

You could be doing what you’ve always dreamed of, by designing, building and coding games as a software developer, or you might want to hack systems as a paid job, protecting and securing the IT infrastructures of large businesses. With so many varied roles, the choice is yours!

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Cyber Security Technician

Data Technician

Digital Content Administrator

Digital Device Repair Technician

Digital Front End Developer

IT Solutions Technician

IT Technician

Network Cable Installer

Applications Support Lead

Business Analyst

Computer Systems Analyst

Cyber Intrusion Analyst

Cyber Security Technologist

Data Analyst

Digital Content Manager

Digital Forensic Technician

Digital Learning Designer

Digital Project Manager

Digital User Experience

Network Engineer

Software Developer

Software Tester

Artificial Intelligence Data Specialist

Cyber Security Specialist

Data Analytics Specialist

Data Scientist

Digital User Experience (UX) Professional

IT Consultant

IT Project Management Specialist

Network Engineer Specialist

Software Engineer

Computing & Digital

In 2022, there’s expected to by 22,000 jobs in Computing & IT in Greater Manchester. Do you want to be leading the way?

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