If you’ve got engineering skills and qualifications, you can expect to earn a good salary in a sector that’s relevant to almost every business in one form or another. It’s an industry that covers a broad and diverse field, with career opportunities in areas as varied as civil engineering and electrical engineering.

With civil engineering jobs predicted to rise 15% by 2018, you might want to focus your skills on designing roads and cities or ensuring telecommunications in the country can function effectively. Or, you might prefer to concentrate on your mechanical abilities and follow a career path in production, maintenance and repair, with a number of jobs to choose from!

Top Career Opportunities

Top Job (By Salary) Average Salary
Electrical engineers £50,400
Quality control and planning engineers £42,700
Engineering professionals £41,200
Electronics engineers £41,100
Civil engineers £41,000
Design & development engineers £40,000
Engineering technicians £39,700
Production and process engineers £39,000
Mechanical engineers £36,700
Telecommunications engineers £34,800
Plumbers & heating and ventilating engineers £30,100

Job Figures

There are predicted to be 2,052 new jobs with an estimated 30,653 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for engineering related occupations is £41,382 per year.

Construction & Engineering

From the foundations of a building to the finishing paintwork on a brand new vehicle, the construction and automotive world has a massive impact on literally everything around us.

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