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Portrait image of Will Seymour-Murphy

Creative media students selected for London exhibition

Two students at The Manchester College were selected from among 400 entries nationwide to have their work displayed in the UAL Origins exhibition. The selection was made by professional curator, Jenna Rossi-Camus.

The exhibition, at London’s Menier Gallery, was an exciting opportunity for the students to display their work to the public. Linda Keller (UAL Level 2 Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology) and Will Seymour-Murphy (UAL Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology [Digital Art and Animation] travelled to London to see their work on show.

Linda created a photography series about Manchester’s buskers and street artists. She said: ‘When I moved from Switzerland to the UK I noticed there were more street artists in England than I have ever seen in Switzerland. I liked it, it made me happy. So I thought why not tell their stories? Why not let them inspire me? I decided to document their stories through photography and transcripts of interviews I conducted.’

It was really good to see my work displayed

Will has always been passionate about animation and used this medium to respond to a live brief in association with Warburtons and The Ideas Foundation.

Will said: ‘The brief was to encourage bagel fans to try Warburton’s Thin Bagels in the face of competition. I wanted to explore the idea of competition between Warburton's and their rivals.

‘The story of my animated short is a sports race between different brands of bagels to show Warburton’s versus its competitors. I did loads of research in class as part of my course.  The tagline that holds the whole campaign together is “beating the competition since 1876”, which is the date that Warburton’s was founded.

‘It was really good to see my work displayed. The first night was busy and everyone seemed to be smiling!’