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Helpful advice for managing stress

Here are our tips for managing stress that we hope will help you while your studying from home.

Managing your workload:

  • If you feel overwhelmed with your workload, make a to-do list and identify the most important tasks you need to achieve.

Be brave and get the larger or most difficult tasks out of the way first. Most of us procrastinate because we dread the task we’re putting off, but it’s almost always never as bad as you think!

Take some time to recalibrate:

  • Ensure you’re still striking a balance, take breaks, call a friend, relax with a cup of tea or exercise, keep hydrated and ensure you still prioritise sleep.

Staying motivated:

  • With our day to day habits and routines having to adapt so quickly, it’s understandable if you feel deflated and fatigued.

Waking up at a reasonable time every morning will keep your body clock in check, make the most of this time whether it’s spending more time loved ones, relaxing in the garden, saving your spends, or finally having time to binge watch your favourite tv show!

Managing pressure

  • Try not to worry about the future or compare yourself with others. Some of our worries can be out of our control or become bigger the longer we linger on them.

Take a break and do something creative, focusing on something that you enjoy can help you re-energise. Develop or reach out to your support network whether this be to friends, family, tutors or professionals.

Our Student Support and Careers and Welfare team will remain available to provide you with support. We’ve set up remote support lines and email addresses for you to call should you need to – details can be found here or you can email us at careers&