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Simran returns to offer games workshop to students

A successful alumnus now running his own game design business is forging a successful partnership with The Manchester College.

Simran Whitham left the College in 2015 after studying our Level 3 Extended diploma in Games Development and launched his own business, Tri-Heart Interactive, with fellow university graduate Kieran Rogers. The duo delivered an engaging day-long session at Openshaw Campus with Creative Arts students, including many budding video game developers.

“The Manchester College was fantastic for me and my tutors helped me to get an important quality assurance (QA) placement when I think so many other institutions wouldn’t have done so. That’s one of the reasons I really value doing stuff like this with the College’s students,” said Simran.

The Tri-Heart Interactive duo delivered workshops with students on CV building and work experience, as well as giving them exclusive access to upcoming projects and games.

Kieran said: “Simran has always maintained a strong relationship with the tutors at the College and he’s been supported by them throughout his career. We’re a small business and we really want to give students like these the opportunities to get involved in the industry at a young age, as it’s not something either of us had access to.

It’s only recently that gaming has become more culturally acceptable and I think there’s still a lot of introverted people in the industry, but to come here and work with such a diverse group of students who work brilliantly in teams is great.

Tri-Heart Interactive already employs one College student as a developer and programmer, and there are plans afoot to offer more job opportunities too.