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Carol Whitworth quote

Staff Profile: Carol Whitworth

Assistant Principal

Can you summarise your amazing career journey from your first role to your current role? 

I started my career at the age of 18 as a hairdresser after studying hairdressing & and beauty at college. At the age of 30 I became interested in technology with the launch of Windows 95 and went back to college to study while running my own mobile hairdressing business. After completing a HNC in Business Information & Software Development, I embarked on a teaching qualification and awas offered a part time teaching contract with my local FE college. From there I was offered a part time contract at MANCAT (which later became part of The Manchester College) and gave up my hairdressing business to teach full time.

In October 2002 MANCAT offered me a full time permanent role as an IT teacher. I taught vocational courses and A levels for five years before securing my first promotion into management in 2007. I then secured a promotion to Department Lead Manager in 2011 and Curriculum Lead Manager in 2013. During this time I studied for a BSC (Hons) in Software Development and an MSc in Education. I later secured my current position. 

In total, how long have you worked at The Manchester College?

15 years

What has been the highlight of your career?

I have two highlights:

  1. In 2013/14 I was one of three managers in the Computing Department. At the end of the year our Outcomes for Learners and Leadership & Management were given the top grade by Ofsted. This I felt was a massive achievement for just three people.
  2. In 2015/16 after leading the Business Department for just 18 months, it moved it up to a grade 2. This was thanks to teachers and managers all aiming for the same goal. 

What advice would you give to anyone who wants a career in your industry/role?

Always value the people you work with and move together as a team. You'll achieve far more together than you ever will on your own. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and admit when you are wrong. 

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

I taught tuned percussion on the Drum Corps scene for over 30 years.