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Group of students

State-of-the-art sports equipment gets a workout as visitors welcomed to The Manchester College

The Manchester College Sports Department welcomed visitors to a series of events for prospective students. As well as enjoying tours of the facilities, visitors got their hands on some of the state-of-the-art sports and scientific gadgets used by our higher education students.

Students from Connell College and Manchester Enterprise Academy, as well as students from our own Level 3 sports courses have been spending time at our Openshaw Campus over the last few months to experience the life of a sports student first-hand.

The students enjoyed tours of our specialist facilities for higher education students, including the sports science laboratory, gym and higher education library. They joined in with practical activities, including gym sessions and a demonstration of our Cortex Metalyzer analysis and Douglas Bag systems, which measure client performance. One group calculated their personal heart rate training zones.

Students and professionals who would like to develop their skills can still apply through UCAS for places on our higher education sports courses in September 2017. There are a range of pathways available, including three foundation degrees awarded through Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Students can often benefit practically from our collaborative partnership with MMU, for example, using their additional sports science laboratory to measure voluntary and artificial stimulation of muscle fibres.