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Students celebrating at The Crystal Maze

Students visit The Crystal Maze Live Experience to celebrate exceptional attendance

80 students recently took on The Crystal Maze Live Experience to acknowledge their standout attendance record.

Students with outstanding attendance records across our Centre of Excellence for Performing Arts, Centre of Excellence for Visual Arts, Industry Excellence Academy for Performing Arts, and Industry Excellence Academy for Music were rewarded for their excellent attendance with a day out at The Crystal Maze Live Experience, where they put their teamwork and problem-solving skills to the test.

The experience gave our learners a unique opportunity to showcase their strengths and develop their leadership abilities. For 75 minutes, our students raced the clock, working in groups to tackle mental, physical, skill and mystery challenges to gain entry to The Crystal Dome and collect golden tokens.

Senior Achievement Tutor Louise Ince said: “It’s important to acknowledge the learners’ exceptional attendance records to help embed a life skill.

Great attendance demonstrates dedication and reliability and will help them form good relationships with their peers and later, their colleagues.

Charlotte, a Level 3 Musical Theatre student, added: “I really enjoyed working as a team to complete challenges and get as many golden tokens as possible! It was a fantastic day out.”

Barry Atkins, Deputy Principal for 16-18 Curriculum, commented: “Excellent attendance is a key pillar of ‘The Deal’ our professional standards and behaviours that all students commit to at the start of their studies with us. 

“It’s fantastic to see learners taking pride in their attendance, as it is crucial to them achieving their aspirational goals.”