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Medical Mavericks at The Manchester College

T Level students aim to become Medical Mavericks

Students took part in a skills workshop and learnt about the variety of careers available in the healthcare industry.

Students at The Manchester College’s Industry Excellence Academy for Health & Social Care were introduced to a number of new career options after taking part in an exciting skills workshop with Medical Mavericks, in the brand new state-of-the-art hospital ward at the College’s Openshaw campus.

Students on the T Level Health (Assisting Adult Nursing), T Level Healthcare Science (Assisting Healthcare Science) and Level 3 Health and Social Care courses engaged in hands on activities using various medical and science equipment.

Medical Mavericks aim to help train the next generation of medics and scientists by taking real medical equipment across the UK and used a range of resources to enable students to practice a range of medical techniques.

From suturing and taking blood to eye examinations and even keyhole surgery, students were able to elevate their skills to the same level as their knowledge, while learning new techniques that they will need for their future careers.

Tutor Ann-Marie Lamb said: “Medical Mavericks showcased some of the basic principles of nursing care and some of the vital observations that are key when working with patients.

“Medical Mavericks take it further and go up Bloom’s Taxonomy to make it a little bit more difficult for them. They start off with clinical observations they’d expect to see, such as temperature, blood pressure and pulse. Then they take it a bit further, looking at other diagnostic assessments.

“The students were really excited and couldn’t wait to get involved.

This has been a really quick, fun, different assessment method which has opened up their eyes to different careers by showcasing what it involves, rather than just explaining it to them.

Lana Cardo, a student on the Health (Assisting Adult Nursing) T Level, said: “Today was really interesting, and my friends and I learnt a lot.

“Lily from Medical Mavericks was really kind and explained to us all the different activities. There were things like suturing and learning to stitch, doing ECGs and general observations. On top of that, we did keyhole surgery using new technology, which was difficult but fun!

“I’ve definitely learnt about the different careers within Healthcare, such as Medical Engineering. Visits like this from Medical Mavericks open our eyes to further opportunities and introduces us to new medical technologies.”

For more information about The Manchester College’s T Levels in Health and Healthcare Science, you can visit our website and apply today.