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Jennifer Mercer holding her certificate

Trainee paramedic Jennifer has a licence to save lives

Jennifer Mercer passed her Category C1 Licence Acquisition driving course at the Wythenshawe Campus, a first for The Manchester College.

Jennifer, who is studying a BSc in Paramedic Science in Liverpool, became the first trainee paramedic to complete the course at the college after spending week at the Wythenshawe Campus learning how to drive a large goods vehicles (LGV) weighing up to seven and a half tonne.

Paramedic training requires students to secure their own LGV licence so they are capable of driving an ambulance, which is larger in size and weighs more than a standard vehicle.

After successfully passing a hazard perception and theory test, Jennifer’s skills were put to the test inside a seven and a half tonne DAF LF truck during a one hour driving exam, which she passed with flying colours and brought her one step closer to her life-saving career.

Jennifer, who hopes to work for the North West Ambulance Service once qualified, said: “My friends have been learning to drive for their C1 in either a Ford Sprinter or a Fiat Ducato, so I wasn't expecting such a large vehicle but I appreciate learning to drive in that size as now I know I can push myself to the weight boundaries which is great.

“My instructor Paul was brilliant, I couldn't fault him. He was very calm in stressful situations and gave me all the information I needed prior to driving, and also helpful tips and information while on the driving practice.”

She added: “I would definitely recommend the training at The Manchester College to other trainee paramedics due to the lower cost of the course compared to other providers and the accessible college location.”

The Category C1 Licence Acquisition is suitable for anyone interested in a career in logistics or as a delivery driver, and teaches skills including safe loading techniques, vehicle safety checks and driving legislation.

Paul Jones, lead tutor driver trainer, said: “Jennifer is the first trainee paramedic to pass the course at The Manchester College. She is a very confident driver and always took on board the advice given to her.

“This course ensures that students learn in the real world so whatever they come across on the roads, they can deal with it. It’s fantastic that Jennifer can now achieve her dream of becoming a qualified paramedic.” 

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