Gateway programme

Gateway to College

Gateway to College is a personalised programme, designed around you, which enables any young person to study at the site of their choice, with a view to enrolling on a full-time course. 

The Gateway programme is suited to those who are not currently in formal education, or on a full-time academic course, and are looking for a route back in to learning. 

It is completely flexible, in terms of campus and days, and will be built to include a taster of vocational subjects which will help you decide what you might like to pursue further. 

We are here to support you and you can apply for a Gateway to College programme at any point in the year, at the campus you would like to study at. We will then work with you to on a career plan and help you achieve it. 

For more information and to enrol on the Gateway Programme, please call the enquiries team on: 03333 222 444.