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Ebenezer reaches for the stars

The sky’s the limit for engineering student Ebenezer Tilahun as he takes one small step towards a career with NASA.

Ebenezer gained a D*D*D* in his L3 Extended Diploma in Engineering and a Grade 5 in his maths GCSE and is now looking towards a career in the aerospace industry.

The Ethiopian-born student came to England in 2019 and was advised to study at The Manchester College by a family friend. He credits the College and its tutors for helping him to broaden his career horizons.

He said: “The best word to describe studying at the College is that it has been enlightening. I’ve always been interested in engineering.

Before I came I had a vague career goal to be a pilot but the College gave me time to reflect on what I wanted to be and now I’m looking to be an aerospace engineer.

“In Ethiopia, there is a really straightforward way of learning but the teaching at the College helps engineers to come up with their own solutions.”

Ebenezer will be taking a gap year to gain employment and experience before applying in 2022 to his preferred institution, the University of Leeds. He then plans on completing a Masters in engineering and working for BAE Systems before taking one small step towards NASA.

He said: “I’ve always love space rovers so my ideal job would be designing and building them.”

He added: “I would definitely recommend that people attend The Manchester College. I have two younger brothers and I would be really happy if they became part of The Manchester College.”

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