Ann-Marie Ellison

Nursery Manager

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Excellence in childcare

Nursery manager, Ann-Marie has been working with the childcare department at The Manchester College for the last six years and shares her thoughts with us. 

I’ve always worked closely with the college and have been supported in any help I’ve needed for the improvement of individual students.  The tutors have been very professional and when necessary have made extra visits to support students who are struggling to meet the desired level of practice.

The college works tirelessly to improve the practice of their students and tries very hard to make sure that a high standard is achieved by each and every student. They have extremely high expectations and drive professional standards up when working with the students on their placements.

It’s nice to find a college that strives for excellence and does not turn out a stream of poor nursery nurses.  We find now that many students from other colleges and courses lack basic understanding of their job role and child development and we very often have to train them over again however, this isn’t a problem we have found with the majority of students from The Manchester College. I’ve had some excellent students from them, some of which I employed when their course ended.

We’ve developed an excellent professional working relationship and are more than happy to continue working with the college for many years to come.  Communication is very strong and any concerns are dealt with in a prompt manner.  The majority of students are of a good level and know what is expected of them in their placement.

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