Mehdi Aghababaei Beni

L2 Mechanics, Maths and English

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Mehdi’s passion for mechanics leads him to learn the English language

Mehdi Aghababaei Beni decided to study at the College to follow his passion for mechanics and learn about the motor industry using the English language.

‘I’m studying to improve my English as it’s my second language’ he said ‘and gaining my qualification in maths as well so I can start to apply for jobs. Maths is really helping me with the practical task of food shopping. My teacher is very helpful. I enjoy the way I learn and the challenges he gives me.’

My real passion lies in the motor trade. I gained my experience working as mechanic in Iran. I came to study on the L2 Mechanics course and gain my certificate so I could learn about the different car components using the English language.

‘I really love being a mechanic. I’m learning new things, using equipment and updating my knowledge through diagnosing and finding faults in the engines. I want to continue developing my skills to become a technician or mechanic and carry out MOT tests on cars.’

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