Karolina Gad

Business and Human Resource Management (FdA)

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Representing students after returning to education

Two years ago I decided to study a Foundation Degree Course in Business and Human Resource Management at The Manchester College, to further my knowledge and career goals. It was a huge step for me, but the decision has had a positive impact on my life!

I had a few hurdles to overcome as English isn’t my first spoken language and it’s been more than ten years since I was last in education. I was nervous of returning to college and will never forget my first finance lesson sitting at my desk, feeling quite overwhelmed by the experience! As time progressed, my enthusiasm for the course increased tenfold. I really felt supported by my tutors and new friends.

Thanks to The Manchester College I started reading, researching and revising again and developing my skills. It was really exciting getting back into learning and having access to new things again. I love feeding my curiosity! My passion for management led me to combine my studies with a full time job as a coach company Service Manager. Let’s just say, I like being busy and facing new challenges!

By my second year, I had applied for the position of Student Representative, acting as a voice for student opinion. I manage and maintain the priorities of my peers, even within my small class.

Being a Rep is a great experience. It’s enhanced my management and presentation skills, which will help me in my career.

I’m now on the most important stage of my journey – starting my third year and Top-up Degree! I admit I’m a little scared and nervous, but I’m really excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. I know if I put enough effort and determination into motivating myself and accept the support and guidance available from The Manchester College, I can and will achieve great things. My confidence has definitely soared over the short time I’ve spent studying here already!

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