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Success for Eliot and Quam

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Name: Eliot Ezenduka

Course: Level 2 Transition programme

Next step: T Level Digital Business Services in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group 

“The College gives you lots of options. I’ve had a good time and made lots of new friends. The teachers make it easy to understand everything and let you share your opinions.

“I chose to do a T Level because it offered work experience. I went to University of Manchester on my work experience, we looked at how they use technology in the workplace. After I’ve finished my T Level I hope to go to university before getting a job.”

Name: Quam Ibrahim

Course: Level 2 Transition programme

Next step: T Level Digital Production, Design and Development in partnership with Silverchip at The Manchester College

“I was new here and a friend recommended the College to me. The best things about studying at The Manchester College are the things I’ve learnt and the people I’ve met and shared opinions with.

“I choose the T level route because it will take me through the practical path I want. After my T Level I’d like to do an apprenticeship. Long term, I’d like to work as a programmer.”


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