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Transition support helps Conner realise his next step

Conner gets some extra help to aid the transition from high school to college.

We were introduced to Conner in July 2015 after he had been diagnosed with Autism. Conner found it difficult to attend lessons throughout school and spent most of his time at home. He struggled to go out at busy times and was unable to travel independently. Conner and his mum were unsure about what services were available and where he could go once he had finished school.

His ambition was to enrol on an IT course but as he had not attended school since year 7 and had missed out on developing his social and independence skills we thought it would be more beneficial if he enrolled on the Routes to Skills course at The College, which is part of the supported curriculum. This would enable Conner to develop his social and independence skills, which in turn would assist him to succeed with his ambition to enrol on an IT course.

We met Conner in the college campus on a number of occasions throughout the summer, part of his transition was to help build up his confidence and familiarise himself with the environment as he had spent little time outside of his home in the last couple of years. We also liaised with the tutors and supported him at his interview. This helped Conner decide, after weighing up several options, that the Routes to Skills course was the best option for him at this time.

After a shaky start on his first day, Conner came back the next day and with our support managed to stay for the whole day. Throughout his first year in college, Conner has managed nearly 100% attendance, developed friendships, learned to travel independently and acquired the social and independence skills necessary to succeed on an IT course. Conner enrolled on Level 1 IT in September 2016 and is progressing well. He has made new friends and has a girlfriend.

Conner’s mum says;

by the end of the first year of the Routes to Skill course, Conner had achieved maths and English certificates and enrolled on an IT course for the following year. As a result, Conner gained confidence, built friendships and now has a bright future ahead of him.

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