Along with our Executive Team, the leadership at The Manchester College is made up of our Principalship. Our chief executive, principal, vice principals and directors all have a responsibility – and an exciting privilege – to lead the College on its strategic journey and change the landscape of education in Greater Manchester. Together, we’re supporting every student on a career journey, rather than simply enrolling them on a course, and investing more in improving teaching and learning than any other UK college.

College leadership structure chart

  • Lisa joined The Manchester College in July 2013 as a Vice Principal, from Blackburn College, where she was Deputy Principal. She has extensive experience of further and higher education, with expertise across curriculum, quality and learner support services. Lisa was appointed Deputy CEO/Principal of The Manchester College in November 2014 and has overall responsibility for the organisation, management and development of the College, providing operational and strategic leadership. As Principal, Lisa oversees college-based programmes and development of curriculum and quality improvement across the Group. She ensures these meet the objectives of the Strategic Plan and our mission, visions and values. Lisa keeps us responsive to the external environment and proactive in identifying and meeting our customers’ needs.

  • John joined us in July 2013. He previously worked at Ofsted for 11 years as an HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector) and, for the last five years, as the Managing Inspector responsible for all college inspections across England.  Before joining Ofsted, John spent 19 years working in further education colleges in the north west and Midlands at all levels, from lecturer to curriculum manager to various senior management roles.  John leads the Group’s Quality Team which operates across all the Group’s business units. His key responsibilities are accurately evaluating the quality of what we do, particularly the experience of our learners and how well they succeed, and continually improving the standards of our provision. John remains a part-time Ofsted inspector.

  • Christine joined us in January 2014 from Blackburn College, where she was part of the Executive Team as Director of Curriculum Skills and Engagement. She has extensive experience of Further Education (FE), working at three Grade 1 Outstanding colleges and Higher Education (HE) as Dean of the University Centre of Higher Education at Blackburn College, the second largest provider of HE within FE. As Vice Principal for Further Education (FE) at The Manchester College Christine oversees the design and implementation of the FE strategy, ensuring it meets the objectives of the Strategic Plan and GM priorities.

  • Rachel joined us in May 2015 from Blackburn College where she was Deputy Principal. Rachel has many years’ experience in further education planning and delivery working in the sector. Previously she worked at the Further Education Funding Council and the Learning and Skills Council overseeing College performance in the North West and held a national role supporting College and area reviews, specifically where intervention was required. As Vice Principal at The Manchester College, Rachel leads the College’s strategic planning and business planning processes and has oversight of the performance of the College. She is the lead for the campus redevelopment strategy.

  • Lindsey joined us in January 2018 from West Suffolk College, where Lindsey was Vice Principal for Curriculum and Quality. Lindsey has extensive experience in the sector, having worked in land-based colleges for nearly 20 years before moving into general further education. Lindsey brings a wealth of experience from all aspects of our sector and is passionate about ensuring our student experience enables progression and aspiration. Lindsey is recognised nationally for work on the leadership of maths, English and work experience as an integral part of any curriculum offer. As Vice Principal for Curriculum and Support at The Manchester College, Lindsey leads on these core, essential skills and the support available to our students to ensure they can succeed.

  • As Vice Principal and Dean of Higher Education (HE), Michael is leading on the development of UCEN Manchester and our mission to deliver world-class technical and professional higher level skills. Michael joined us in October 2017 from Salford City College, where he was Deputy Principal. He has more than 20 years’ experience in both Further Education (FE) colleges and sixth form colleges, and was Vice Principal at Bradford College, the biggest provider of HE alongside FE in the country. He has managed areas as diverse as student support, curriculum & quality and staffing. 

  • Debbie joined The Manchester College in March 2016, having worked for the last nine years in the education sector at Blackburn College as Head of Finance, latterly spending 15 months as Acting Director of Finance. Her background prior to the education sector includes finance roles in the Logistics, IT and Insurance sectors. As Head of Finance: Business Partnering, her role includes working closely with the Vice Principals to manage the financial performance of the College, ensuring that resources are invested wisely for maximum student impact. Debbie is also part of the team working on the campus redevelopment strategy.   

  • Mark joined us in November 2014 as Group Director of Performance and Planning from the Hull College Group where he was Director of Funding and Information Services for 7 years, having responsibility for broad portfolio of Group support services and leading on all aspects of funding, performance and compliance.  Previously he spent 8 years working for the Training and Enterprise Council and Learning and Skills Council in various management roles leading local and regional teams through the development and introduction of new funding programmes and policy.  In his Group role with the LTE Group he supports all Business Units, with overall responsibility for the development of the services provided through the Student Records and Information Services Teams, and in the development of a data culture to support improved organisational performance.

  • Rebecca joined The Manchester College in June 2014 as Head of ER and Reward, from Kirklees Council where she held the positon of Assistant Director of Support Services. Rebecca has 25 years’ experience working in HR in both Private and Public sector. Rebecca combines expertise in all aspects of change management and strategic acumen with extensive knowledge of employee development, industrial relations and business transformation. Rebecca currently holds the positon of HR Director for the LTE Group providing a professional HR service to all Business units.

  • Louise joined LTE group in 2012 following 12 years at Keep Britain Tidy. She has extensive experience of strategic marketing and communications within the public sector, and has overall responsibility for all external marketing and communications for The Manchester College and LTE group. Louise ensures that our marketing and communications reflect the college and wider Group strategy and meet the needs of our learners, colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Simon joined us in June 2015 as the Head of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE). He previously worked for the Dow Chemical Company as the Safety Delivery Leader for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern Europe. He has 20 years' experience in safety, health and environmental management, with expertise in the development of management systems, regulatory compliance, change management and auditing. Simon is responsible for the implementation of the LTE group SHE Strategy, providing operational and strategic leadership. As head of SHE, Simon oversees the development of the SHE Management System and improvement in SHE performance. Simon is committed to the highest standards SHE management and believes that workplace risk should be eliminated or minimised.

  • Jamie joined us in July 2015 as IT Director having previously worked in various CxO roles within the IT sales industry. Jamie has over 15 years' experience across various commercial and public sector organisations whose IT requirements varied in terms of business need and scale. Jamie is responsible for delivering a modern, scalable and resilient IT service and assisting in bidding for new business streams. Prior to working in the IT industry Jamie served in the Army Intelligence Corps.