Animal Care

Studying animal care at The Manchester College can lead you to an incredibly diverse range of careers, whether you prefer hands-on interaction working in the outdoors or would like to work in a laboratory investigating the science behind behaviour and development.

In the local community, roles are often available for veterinary nurses and animal charities are regularly in need of those with the skills to rescue and take care of pets. Further afield, you could follow a career as a zookeeper, nature reserve manager, marine biologist or even a genetic researcher!

Top Career Opportunities

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Job Opportunities

Explore the jobs you can apply for, once you complete different course levels.

Animal Care & Welfare Assistant

Animal Technician

Assistant Dog Trainer

Dog Groomer

Farm Worker

Pet Store Assistant

RSPCA Inspector

Animal Care & Welfare Manager

Advanced Animal Technician


Detection & Protection Working Dog Specialist


Animal Trainer

Animal Warden

Animal Welfare Officer

Countryside Ranger


Specialist Veterinary Nurse

Vet Technician (Livestock)

Veterinary Nurse

Animal Nutritionist

Animal Physiotherapist

Veterinary Surgeon

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Zoo Keeper


Animal Management

Interact with an incredible range of animals, both domestic and exotic, discover how and why animals behave like they do, and follow your passion for these wonderful creatures with a career in animal care – all from right here in Manchester at our Wythenshawe campus.

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