If fixing cars has always been a passion of yours, you’ll find lots of opportunities for a career in the automotive sector. By 2020, there’s expected to be an additional 10,000 jobs across the industry, so studying the skills you’ll need now will put you in a great position in the future!

Garages of all shapes and sizes require qualified vehicle technicians, with many needing those with specialisms in paint work, electrics, body work and exhaust fitting. You could even set your sights on managing and then owning a garage, as you’ll learn the necessary leadership and business skills with us too!

Top Career Opportunities

Vehicle technicians, mechanics & electricians

Average salary: £24k

Vehicle paint technician

Average salary: £22k

Two people looking at the underside of a car while it's jacked up

Garage Manager

Average salary: £29k

A HGV driving along a road

Large goods vehicle driver

Average salary: £23k

Top Job (By Salary) Number of Jobs in 2016 Number of Job in 2020 Average Salary
Garage managers & proprietors 1,683 1,733 £40,690
Vehicle body builders & repairers 2,335 2,407 £31,380
Vehicle paint technicians 1,279 1,314 £30,509
Vehicle technicians, mechanics & electricians 19,490 20,158 £28,817
Tyre, exhaust & windscreen fitters 1,232 1,263 £26,550
Vehicle & parts salespersons and advisers 4,319 4,475 £22,874

Jobs Figures, 2016 - 20

There are predicted to be 10,012 new jobs with an estimated 1,252 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for automotive related occupations is £30,136 per year.

Logistics & Automotive

If you're fascinated by how things work and love pulling things apart to see how they connect together, look no further than engineering and logistics.

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