With over 45,000 new jobs created in the past 10 years, the business profession is booming. There are around 15,000 new openings every year across this broad sector, with career opportunities to follow in departments as diverse as marketing and HR, operations and recruitment.

You may want to work towards a fantastic career as a business consultant or project manager, or develop the skills you’ll need as a receptionist or administration assistant – roles that are needed in every business.  You might even be ready to develop your knowledge and climb to the top as a marketing and sales director.

Top Career Opportunities

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The Labour Market Information will give you an insight into the skills you will need for future employment and details such as:

Job Figures and 
Expected Industry Growth

Average Salaries and
Progression Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Explore the jobs you can apply for, once you complete different course levels.

Recruitment Resourcer

Business Administrator

HR Support

Learning & Development Practitioner

Library, Information and Archive Services Assistant

Marketing Assistant


Public Sector Compliance Investigator & Officer

Recruitment Consultant

Team Leader or Supervisor

Coaching Professional

Associate Project Manager

Business Partner

Data Protection & Information Governance Practitioner

Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Employability Practitioner

HR Consultant

Learning & Development Consultant

Marketing Executive

Operations or Departmental Manager

Probate Technician

Quality Practitioner

Trade Union Official

Arbitrition Professional

Career Development Professional

Chartered Legal Executive

Chartered Manager

Licensed Conveyancer

Management Consultant

Marketing Manager

Project Manager

Senior People Professional

Social Researcher


Business and Professional

Business, Accountancy and Finance & Insurance are the three highest growing industries in Manchester.

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