Major construction projects are scheduled to take place in the next few years right across the north west region, and the need for skilled tradespeople in this sector is as strong as ever. With the right skills and specialist knowledge under your belt, you could enjoy a number of rewarding careers in this industry.

Jobs are available now and in the future as a qualified electrician or carpenter, plasterer or plumber. You could also develop your knowledge and expertise further and secure a position as an architect, site manager or quantity surveyor, working in fast-paced, challenging environments!

Top Career Opportunities

Elementary construction occupations

Average salary: £25k

Carpenters & joiners

Average salary: £23k

Electricians & electrical fitters

Average salary: £28k

Close-up of a plasterer skimming a wall


Average salary: £21k

Top Job (By Salary) Number of Jobs in 2016 Number of Job in 2020 Average Salary
Quantity surveyors 4,267 4,335 £43,805
Architects 2,385 2,434 £34,653
Construction project managers and related professionals 7,024 7,114 £33,758
Electricians & electrical fitters 22,418 22,034 £31,949
Construction & building trades supervisors 4,904 5,027 £32,659
Carpenters and joiners 10,367 10,447 £24,981
Bricklayers and masons 2,612 2,672 £22,277
Painters and decorators 5,143 5,214 £20,800
Construction operatives 9,749 9,865 £19,989
Elementary construction occupations 11,613 11,735 £17,981
Plasterers 1,715 1,736 £16,869

Jobs Figures, 2016 - 20

There are predicted to be 3,084 new jobs with an estimated 3,995 annual openings.

Average salaries

The current average wage for construction related occupations is £26,901 per year.

Construction & Engineering

From the foundations of a building to the finishing paintwork on a brand new vehicle, the construction and automotive world has a massive impact on literally everything around us.

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