Along with business and accountancy, finance is one of the top three industries in Greater Manchester with the most growth, and it shows no signs of slowing. By 2020, almost 8,000 new jobs are expected in this sector, with over 11,000 openings every year for those with the skills and expertise to advance their career!

Job roles are varied too, with lots of opportunities for you to earn a great salary and enjoy a rewarding career. You might want to focus on book-keeping and payroll management, you could become an accountant, or you may be setting your sights on becoming a renowned economist, a trusted assessor, or even a senior financial director.

Top Career Opportunities

Business and financial project management

Average salary: £52k

Chartered and certified accountants

Average salary: £46k

Book-keepers, payroll managers and wages clerks

Average salary: £24k

Financial managers and directors

Average salary: £58k

Top Job (By Salary) Number of Jobs in 2016 Number of Job in 2020 Average Salary
Financial managers and directors 22,345 22,533 £49,774
Business and financial project management 19,230 19,371 £46,384
Actuaries, economists and statisticians 1,860 1,865 £44,325
Taxation experts 5,020 5,223 £43,680
Financial and accounting technicians 3,576 3,664 £41,995
Financial institution managers and directors 6,171 6,079 £41,725
Chartered and certified accountants 22,406 23,083 £41,371
Finance and investment analysts and advisers 12,994 12,956 £35,027
Financial accounts managers 15,998 16,223 £33,363
Estimators, valuers and assessors 6,590 6,585 £26,915
Finance officers 3,626 3,650 £25,334
Bank and post office clerks 13,073 12,835 £24,211
Book-keepers payroll managers and wages clerks 55,487 56,515 £23,234
Financial administrative occupations 20,062 20,157 £21,986

Jobs Figures, 2016 - 20

There are predicted to be 7,947 new jobs with an estimated 11,062 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for finance related occupations is £35,666 per year.

Business, Professional & Trade Union Education

Business, Accountancy and Finance & Insurance are the three highest growing industries in Manchester.

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