Health and Social Care

If you’re looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding, health and social care has plenty to choose from. It’s the second biggest industry in Greater Manchester employing over 177,000 people in a wide variety of roles, so you’re sure to find a job that suits your passions, interests and skills.

As well as earning an average salary of around £30,000 per year, you’ll also get to help people every single day – doing what exactly is entirely up to you! Nurses and care workers are always in constant demand, or you could focus on social work careers, such as becoming a youth worker, occupational therapist or social services manager.

Top Career Opportunities

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Job Figures and 
Expected Industry Growth

Average Salaries and
Progression Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Explore the jobs you can apply for, once you complete different course levels.

Adult Care Worker

Healthcare Support Worker

Health Trainer

Ambulance Support Worker

Community Health & Wellbeing Worker

Dental Nurse

Lead Adult Care Worker

Senior Healthcare Support Worker

Youth Worker

Advocacy Worker

Associate Ambulance Practitioner

Associate Continuing Healthcare Practitioner

Care Home Manager


Health & Wellbeing Leader

Health Play Specialist

Healthcare Assistant Practitioner

Housing Officer

Lead Practitioner in Adult Care

Leader in Adult Care

Nursing Associate

Oral Health Practitioner

Orthodontic Therapist

Rehabilitation Worker

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Advanced Forensic Practitioner

Clinical Associate Psychologist


District Nurse

Enhanced Clinical Practitioner

Health Visitor


Occupational Therapist

Operating Department Practitioner




Physician Associate



Psychological Welling Practitioner

Public Health Practitioner


Registered Nurse

Social Services Manager

Social Worker

Speech & Language Therapist

Health & Social Care

There’s arguably no greater reward in life than helping another person.

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