Hospitality & Catering

There’s something special about going out for a meal or attending a party. Eating out and socialising is one of our favourite pastimes, and if you want to help make these occasions entertaining, enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons, then a career in hospitality and catering could be just for you. And by 2020, there’s likely to be over 5,000 new jobs to fill!

You might begin as a waiter, waitress or bar staff, being the friendly face that keeps everything flowing smoothly, or you could be working as an assistant cook in the kitchen preparing delicious food. Whether you’re front of house or behind the scenes, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to work your way towards becoming head chef, restaurant manager, or event director.

Top Career Opportunities

Top Job (By Salary) Average Salary
Functional managers and directors £52,800
Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors £29,300
Conference and exhibition managers and organisers £26,900
Restaurant and catering establishment managers and proprietors £24,600
Catering and bar managers £20,400
Bakers and flour confectioners £18,500
Chefs £18,400
Cooks £12,700
Kitchen and catering assistants £9,600
Waiters and waitresses £7,500
Bar staff £6,200

Job Figures

There are predicted to be 2,717 more jobs with an average of 23,820 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for hospitality and catering related occupations is £20,691 per year.

Hospitality & Catering

Maybe you’re already a whizz in the kitchen, and the thought of exploring fine dining and gourmet food has your mouth watering?

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