Performing Arts

If you were born to perform, you’ll find lots of fantastic job opportunities for actors, dancers, musicians and entertainers in Manchester, with a diverse creative scene and recording studios for both the BBC and ITV right at your doorstep. And with an average salary of over £30,000 a year, you’ll enjoy a rewarding career too!

Musicians are in demand in the region, with a 5% increase in jobs predicted in the next few years, whilst performing arts roles should see a rise of 18% by 2018. There are plenty of career opportunities behind the camera too, with hundreds of new positions open every year for directors, producers, camera operators and audio engineers.

Top Career Opportunities


Average salary: £20k


Average salary: £25k

Musical Theatre Performer

Average salary: £32k

Two performers on stage

Actor/ presenter

Average salary: £25k

Top Job (By Salary) Average Salary
Arts officers, producers and directors £39,624
Dancers & choreographers £38,002
Actors, entertainers and presenters £33,509
Musicians £31,304
TV, video and audio engineers £29,952
Photographers, audio-visual and broadcasting £26,520

Jobs Figures, 2016 - 20

There are predicted to be 330 new jobs with an estimated 470 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for performing arts & music related occupations is £33,152 per year.

Performing Arts

If you were born to perform – as an actor, a dancer or a musical theatre performer – or even if you want to work behind the scenes, you’ll absolutely love the passion, enthusiasm and creative atmosphere that infects everyone in our Performing Arts department, here at The Manchester College.

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