Science & Medical Sciences

For a career saving lives, preventing illness and improving lifestyles, medical science is the sector to focus on. Whether you’d prefer to be a paramedic working on the front lines or a biochemist advancing the field of medicine and developing new essential drugs, there’s a career to suit your passion and skill in this industry.

Across medical sciences, almost 3,500 new roles are predicted by 2020, with opportunities in a range of positions. At the top of the scale, you’ll find medical practitioners like doctors and surgeons. Equally important are the roles played by dentists, radiographers, pharmacists or physiotherapists. So whether you want to run essential machines, build new teeth or re-create limbs, there’s a rewarding career for you.

Top Career Opportunities

Top Job (By Salary) Average Salary
Medical practitioners £58,500
Dental practitioners £44,400
Paramedics £42,400
Ophthalmic opticians £36,100
Pharmacists £36,100
Biological scientists and biochemists £33,900
Podiatrists £30,800
Physiotherapists £28,500
Speech and language therapists £25,800
Medical radiographers £25,500
Medical and dental technicians £25,500
Dispensing opticians £22,100
Pharmaceutical technicians £19,700
Pharmacy and other dispensing assistants £13,100

Job Figures

There are predicted to be 1,250 new jobs with an estimated 11,553 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for medical related occupations is £32,379 per year.

Science & Medical Sciences

Science is a vital part of almost every industry in one way or another, and it's also the lifeblood of our medical and healthcare professions.

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