Teacher Education

If you want to inspire the next generation, help someone else achieve their dreams, and change the lives of others, then look no further than a career in teacher education. Skilled teachers are always in high demand, with over 6,000 job openings in Greater Manchester every single year.

Depending on your preferences and passions, you could choose to teach young children at nursery or primary school, or focus on specific subjects at secondary school or university. Perhaps you want to be a teacher at a college like ours, or support others as a classroom assistant? Whichever path you choose, you’ll have a rewarding career in front of you.

Top Career Opportunities

A smiling man looking after a child

Educational support assistant

Average salary: £23k

Primary school / nursery teacher

Average salary: £40k

Teaching assistant

Average salary: £23k

Teacher overlooking a classroom of pupils

Secondary school teacher

Average salary: £41k

Top Job (By Salary) Average Salary
Senior professionals of educational establishments £71,094
Higher education teaching professionals £50,544
Special needs education teaching professionals £48,776
Secondary education teaching professionals £48,048
Primary and nursery education teaching professionals £46,446
Education advisers and school inspectors £37,294
Further education teaching professionals £36,317
Teaching and other educational professonals £30,077
Vocational and industrial trainers and instructors £25,750
Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists £22,360
Teaching assistants £18,678
Educational support assistants £18,283

Job Figures

There are predicted to be 192 new jobs with an estimated 6,420 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for teacher education related occupations is £37,806 per year.

Teacher Education

With over 6000 jobs open every year in Greater Manchester, teachers, teaching assistants and trainers are always in demand in the area.

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