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Travel, Tourism & Aviation

Careers in travel and tourism are vast – in fact, they almost cover the entire world! Whether you’d like to fly around the globe as an air travel assistant, work abroad in a sunny destination as a resort rep, or manage a leisure facility here in the UK, there’s an incredible range of jobs to choose from in this sector.

In Manchester alone, tourism is worth around £7 billion to the economy, so there are plenty of local opportunities to work in this industry! With over a thousand new openings every year, it’s up to you whether you’d like to help others book their holidays as a travel agent, oversee the smooth running of a hotel as a manager, or even follow a career path in security and crowd control for large tourist events!

Top Career Opportunities

Airport security officer

Average salary: £29k

Travel agent

Average salary: £24k

A hotel manager stood in front of a busy working kitchen

Hotel manager/ owner

Average salary: £27k

Air travel assistant

Average salary: £29k

Top Job (By Salary) Number of Jobs in 2016 Number of Job in 2020 Average Salary
Air traffic controllers 378 379 £75,836
Environmental health professionals 898 914 £39,520
Aircraft maintenance & related trades 2,183 2,114 £33,113
Travel agency managers and proprietors 874 874 £29,744
Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors 5,267 5,328 £24,731
Security guards and related occupations 20,828 20,846 £28,764
Air travel assistants 6,440 6,845 £28,515
Air transport operatives 1,764 1,757 £27,514
Conference and exhibition managers and organisers 4,898 4,954 £23,732
Bus and coach drivers 12,197 12,008 £22,588
Restaurant/catering managers and proprietors 11,332 11,577 £21,049
Air travel assistants 6,713 6,944 £19,011
Security guards and related occupations 22,493 22,658 £17,472
Leisure and theme park attendants 3,912 3,966 £16,785
Leisure and travel service occupations 2,039 2,046 £16,348

Jobs Figures, 2016 - 20

There are predicted to be 749 more jobs with an estimated of 2,820 annual openings.

Average Salaries

The current average wage for travel and tourism related occupations is £27,397 per year.

Travel, Tourism & Aviation

The travel and tourism industry is absolutely huge and incredibly varied – in Manchester alone, tourism is worth around £7 billion to the local economy!

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