By Wendy Butterworth - Careers & Welfare Manager

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LMI Resources: Where to find the information

So we’ve talked a lot about LMI and what it is, but where do you actually find it? Well there are many ways to look at LMI and here are just some examples on where to start looking.

Job sites

There’s no better place to find out what is happening in your local job market right now than looking at the vacancies advertised. You can use popular search engines such as Indeed, Monster, CV Library etc. to search for live vacancies. This will give you a real feel for what is going on in the local job market. You can also find sector specific websites, which focus advertising jobs specifically for your chosen industry, as well as providing lots of information on the careers related to that industry.

Social Media

A lot of employers use social media as a means to recruit employees. Some employers only use social media and never actually advertise their vacancies. The most relevant example of this is Linked In. You can set up your profile and this acts as your online CV. You can search for vacancies, but employers can also search for candidates. 

LMI Cards

Every site has LMI cards, which have been produced by the Careers & Welfare team. They are linked to different industries and give you information on the job types within that industry, average earnings, annual job openings and predicted growth or decline for that occupation. You can use these as a quick go to guide and a starting point for your research.

Careers Websites

  1.  Start – 
    The college uses an online careers site and the Careers & Welfare team will be delivering tutorials to current students and showing them how to use it. The site gives lots of information on careers. You can view job profiles and find out about the role, what qualifications and skills are required to do the job, typical working patterns, average salaries and data on the predicted growth or decline of the career.
  2. Prospects – 
    Aimed at graduates this site is also a really useful undergraduate tool for exploring careers and working out what the best route into a career is. You can access job profiles, information on higher level apprenticeships, and they have graduate labour market information through their Luminate site, so you can find out what is going on in the Graduate Job Market.
  3. icould -  
    You can complete the Buzz quiz, which links you to career areas that match your personality type. You can explore careers through job profiles and watch short video’s where professional people talk about their career. There’s lots of LMI on the profiles about current and predicted trends in that career.
  4. Not Going to Uni - 
    Research all the alternatives to traditional university. You can explore apprenticeships, internships, gap year opportunities and a host of other information. You can do live searches to see exactly what the labour market looks like now in terms of opportunities, and potential progression.

Speak to a Careers & Welfare adviser on your site to find out more about LMI and where to search to find the information you’re looking for. They can help you to understand and interpret the information you find to see what it means.

Understanding LMI leads to better career decisions and the Careers & Welfare team are here to support you with that. Book an appointment at reception, or follow this blog as we continue to explore LMI. You can also follow the Careers & Welfare team on Twitter @CareersTMC