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Liam Hopkins working with students at the Lazarian workshop

The Angel of Angel Meadow

Students offer a helping hand in community project lead by renowned Manchester Designer.

Students at The Manchester College have been busy filling 25,000 plastic bottles with paint, as they co-create a giant angel made of 100% recycled materials with Manchester Designer, Liam Hopkins.

Liam, Founder and Owner of Manchester’s creative consultancy Lazarian, whose clientele include; John Lewis, Rimmel London, Nestle and Virgin media, oversaw the community project that involves students from across Greater Manchester.

Students visited the company’s design studio in Denton and worked alongside Liam and his team, experiencing first-hand the process of the design process through to construction. 

Liam said:

The students were all incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated and a huge help in getting the integral parts of the sculpture ready at Lazerian. By working together as a team it shows great community spirit and that's what this project is all about.

A huge thank you to the volunteers who stuck around and gave it their all. Hopefully i'll see some of you at the installation and of course the launch!

This project will give them invaluable experience working to a live brief, working through a combination of traditional handcraft techniques with computer-based modelling and pattern cuttings; a process expected to take three weeks.

The 32.5 x 26.5 metre angel will be situated in the grounds of Angel Meadow park, home to a once struggling housing area that is now part of the £200m Meadowside residential development.

Bettina Halpern, Department Team Leader for Visual Arts at The Manchester College, said:

Students have played an important part in this epic piece of work, transforming an everyday throw away object, the plastic bottle, into a landmark sculpture in their own city.

Visual Arts qualifications places students at the heart of Manchester’s Creative Community, enabling active learning and participation in extraordinary settings.

The project will run right through to December and you can see the students in action across our social media channels.

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