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Computing and IT tutors at The Manchester College

Computing tutors take time to talk

Computing and IT tutors spoke to us about the benefits of a computing qualification during The Manchester College's #didyouknow week.

Matthew Bourne

“Our courses set you up so you could go to university or go straight into employment. Our facilities are really good in terms of the latest technologies, and students work with live briefs where possible, which gives them something for their portfolio of work.”

Najma Hussain

“Students can specialise in one particular strand of computing so they leave the course with a clear career path. While many go into software engineering, we’ve had the odd one choose a different career, such as working in forensics.”

Andrew Jepson

“What makes The Manchester College different is that we offer the NQF course, which is the new BTEC, at Level 3. There is more of a focus on programming and coding.  We also offer C # programming and things like HTML, CSS and Java Script, and we ensure we keep up to date with the latest industry developments.

“Our courses show employers what you can do, they are recognised qualifications but also show your practical skills through the project work that students complete during their time with us.

“Students can leave our courses and go straight into an entry level job, of which there are many available, which start at a pay scale of around £20,000 a year. This can then progress up to £60,000 to £70,000 for a senior role. But our students can also go to further study at a University or even sign up for a degree apprenticeship.

“The job sector is very healthy because even non-digital companies would need a network of computers, and most companies have a website. It’s a growing industry so with hard work and the right grades you can go far.”

Andrew McDonald                                                

“One module on our Level 3 Computing course is Human Computer Interaction which is brilliant but also relevant to the student’s current interaction with phones and PC’s. I am constantly surprised by the commitment of the students to really deepen their understanding of the subject, they are going well beyond what their assignment has called for.”

Find out the right Computing course for you by visiting our Computing subject area page, or chat with the tutors in person at our Open Day on 9 July.